Monday, August 21, 2006

Sorry About That!

I've been bad about blogging recently, but my excuse is, vacation...again! Kathy and I took off for a week last month, but we had another week coming to us, this time at the Rhode Island shore.

Normally, I would have posted something to that effect or made some special arrangements to get online. But I thought I was going to be able to do all the posting I wanted where I was staying...I was wrong. Sorry about that. The good news is that we were close to several Connecticut wineries in the southeast corner of the state, much closer than I would be from home. So we did some tasting while on vacation, and I'll be reporting on it this week. Just got home and have too much unpacking to do right now!

Who, who looks after wine made in Southeastern Connecticut?

What's the best way to top off a day of rigorous winetasting?


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