Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day Late Shiraz

Yesterday was Wine Blogging Wednesday, a regular event in which bloggers tackle a common theme and compare notes (on their blogs) about what they found. This particular event was about New World syrah or shiraz.

Unfortunately, since I'm now back in school working on my master's, I hardly have time for anything. So, I'm a day late, but, I'm happy to report, not a dollar short because I managed to stumble across another terrific bargain wine -- Bulletin Place Shiraz from Australia. It's not only a terrific example of Australian syrah/shiraz but a deal by anyone's standards at about $9.

Luckily, I've been enjoying quite a few really good syrahs lately and could just have easily recommended a dozen different wines for this edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday. But it's more fun when you discover something brand new that's also priced so that you can recommend it to anyone.

What I really liked about this wine was it's seductive fruit. It's not the spicy, peppery syrah that can be so intriguing to drink with foods. Instead, like many Australians, this is a really ripe, fruit-forward wine. But what makes it worthy of mention is its blackberry and cocoa notes on top of a lake of red raspberry flavors. And, did I mention it's only $9?

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a South African shiraz that's probably a little more interesting and, perhaps, more European in character. But the Bulletin is simply a delightful wine that is well worth checking out.


Anonymous MJL said...

New to your it!! I just would like to know how long have you been tasting wine for?

Your descriptions, explanations, and reviews are very vivid...which makes it easy for "newbies" to are you able to differentiate such drastic (or in many cases slight) aromas/flavors?

There must be more to it than "practice makes perfect"....

12:48 PM  

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