Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sincerely Good Wine

I just love surprises, at least when they come with inexpensive bottles of wine.

Case in point: I just opened a bottle of 2004 Sincerely Shiraz from Neil Ellis Wines of South Africa. We all know what to expect from inexpensive shiraz -- lots of jammy fruit with an exuberant, friendly personality.

At first blush, this $14 wine was exactly what I expected. Dark purple in the glass, it was brimming over with charming black cherry flavors and a bit of cassis. It seemed like a great sipping wine or a terrific wine to match up with burgers or pizza.

But then I walked away from half a glass of this quaffer and got busy. It was an hour later before I returned to it. Prepared to knock back the rest quickly, I suddenly froze, glass under my nose. Was this the same wine? Suddenly I was smelling leather and smoke. What a fascinating wine! Now I was forced to take my time and savor. I was stung by the realization that I almost didn't do this wine any real justice at all.

I gather that the 2005 vintage is now available, but if you can find any more of the 2004 -- buy it. And, I love the fact that it comes with a screw top -- the way every wine meant to be drunk young should.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you love the comlexity of it? Amazing what happens when we let things 'come together'. Sounds like a great deal!

10:31 PM  
Blogger Austenesque said...

I love that smokiness that so many of the S African wines have!

Where did you find this one?

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice note. I'll be looking forward to reading more -- hopefully just like this one -- for WBW30 in two weeks. It's "New World Shiraz" and I think I'd like to discover some more that go beyond Australia.

6:28 PM  
Blogger JD said...

Deb, you are absoltely right. I've been at this a while, but I still find myself too often impatient. What a lesson this was.

Em, same place!! I made a really great score two weeks ago and I'm still writing about it. Isn't that cool?

Marcus, thanks. I'm going to check it out.

10:04 PM  
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