Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Other Cristal

While true wine fans know Champagne and sparkling wines are not just for special occasions, there still remains no better beverage to help revel in a special moment. Take last weekend -- my pal in all things Red Sox, Jim, was over as a certain team was collapsing. It was too good a moment to pass up without some bubbly -- sorry Austenesque, the rivalry demands it.

Luckily some Cristalino Brut was at hand to help enhance the moment. And, while the moment was indeed enjoyable, we suddenly found ourselves distracted by the contents in the glass. This isn't just a good sparkler, it's truly amazing...for about $10 a bottle.

A lot of cheap sparklers are vainly in pursuit of the yeasty qualities in the more expensive Champagnes. To say they don't come close is an understatement -- anyone who's ever actually drank to a wedding toast can testify to how dreadful some cheap sparklers are. The Cristalino Brut is no pale imitation of anything. It has its own brand of appley, citrusy flavors that jump out of the glass.

It's a great idea to keep at least a few good bottles of bubbly around the house, for unexpectedly special moments or just to match up with your Asian food. With sparklers like this, at $10 a bottle, there's no excuse not to.

Some people claim that sales of Champagne are up. It's great stuff, no doubt about it. But if you haven't yet experienced what Spain is doing with sparkling wines, get to it. You'll save a lot of money and enjoy yourself just as much, well as long as the sports gods are kind, you will.


Blogger Austenesque said...

I'm fairly certain we Yankees fans have had just a few more post-season celebrations/excuses for bubbly than our counterparts - 20 more major ones, if I'm not mistaken. But who's counting? ;-)

5:08 PM  
Blogger JD said...

I knew you were more of a fan than you let on. The important thing, of course, is that you can celebrate your championships, if you should ever win another, affordably without giving up quality! :)

7:07 PM  

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