Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wine School

While some people seem to think bloggers are pajama-clad nerds who don't get out much, I'm here to tell you that the bloggers I know are overworked professionals who like to go home and write about something they really love. But, sometimes, it does sort of feel like you don't get out much.

In the world of wine blogging, that's an online death sentence because you've got to get out and explore, try new wines in new venues. Well if blogging and working for a living can be tough at times, try blogging, working and going to school at night! Here's how much a couple of my classmates from the last two semesters have been looking forward to new classes.

No, I'm delighted to say I'm taking a semester off. That means a lot less stress for the next several months, guilt-free blogging and, gasp, recreational reading! It also means getting out more to wine events and winetastings, so, so important to staying nimble in the wine blog world.

One of the things I most hope to do is study up with a friend of mine who does advanced winetasting classes. Trust me, these are not your basic learning how to slurp sessions. In fact, these classes (last one was three years ago) provided the only occasions I've ever experienced for tasting Penfold Grange, 2000 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, etc. So, with any luck, I should have some fun things to report on this fall.

Right now, I'm doing a little advance studying, checking out the finer qualities of a vidal blanc ice wine from Newport Vineyards in Rhode Island. I found this wine while we were vacationing at the Rhode Island shore recently. It's oustanding, very much like a fine Niagara ice wine. Not quite the balance of a German ice wine, but intoxicating aromas of peach merangue pie. Mmmm.

Yeah, I've got a tough schedule of studying ahead. And, I'll be happy to share my notes.


Blogger g58 said...


Absorbing post. Is this wine night school?

And what about these advanced winetasting classes? I want to hear more already.

1:26 PM  
Blogger JD said...

I hate to steal my own thunder by saying too much. But I can tell you that we do a lot of blind tasting in these classes, trying to recognize place of origin and, if feeling bold, winemaker too. I seem to be pretty good at recognizing wines of Pauillac, but suck at recognizing almost everything else. Maybe I can do a little better this time.

8:06 PM  

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