Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's In A Label?

I couldn't help but laugh at some of the recent stories I've read about about the outrageous wine labels out there that are catching consumers' eyes. Imagine, spending good money on a wine because of a creative or amusing label. How ridiculous.

Wait a minute! I guess I've done that, too. You see, for years now I've had a weakness for Marilyn Merlot. I admit it. I cared not what was in the bottle. But I sure do love those labels bearing classic photos or drawings of Marilyn. I mean, it's Marilyn and it's wine. Of course I'd buy Marilyn Merlot.

My first Marilyn was a 1994. It wasn't bad either, though clearly overpriced for the quality of the wine. I've been collecting bottles of this guilty pleasure ever since.

Think it's just an idiotic guy thing to do? Well check out the estimated value, according to Nova Wines, which makes the product, of some of the older Marilyn bottlings: How about $2,750 for a 1986 bottle of Marilyn? Or, how about a 1985 bottle of Marilyn valued at $3,750? Kind of makes you wish you had been that shallow way back when.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have s few of these wines and has no idea to the value. Have you seen the 1986 Chardonnay? How do you find out the value on these and how would you resell if wanting to?

8:33 PM  

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