Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dream On

Forbes.com is featuring a fun piece right now called "$100 Wines That Are Worth It." Of course, you may not agree with every choice (I don't), but you'll have to admit that most of these wines are likely to evoke either warm memories or intense longing.

I've had a few of these wines and found them to be truly wonderful. One or two, however, I really wonder about -- are they really worth $100 and up? For example, the Caymus Special Selection is just about always damned good, but I've had just as good for a lot less. And the Gaya Barbaresco is also a great wine, but $150 worth? I tasted a Gaya alongside a Giacosa Barolo once (not on the Forbes list), and the Giacosa blew it away.

But, I'm quibbling. Browsing through the Forbes slide show is a lot of fun. Like window shopping on 5th Avenue. You can argue with their choices all you want, but guaranteed you'll wish you were doing a taste test right now.


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