Wednesday, February 22, 2006

LongGuyLand Appeal

Just read an amusing post over at Basic Juice about a tough-as-nails cabernet franc from Macari. I had to chuckle at the story, but also nod in agreement about the wine.

You see, the wife and I, being just a stone's throw away in Connecticut, love to do a jaunt through the wineries of Long Island's north fork now and then. If you haven't been, you might be surprised at how enjoyable the exerience is -- there's a lot of beautiful facilities and a lot of very good wine. Each year we've made the trip, a different winery impressed me for its consistent quality across all of its product.

In 2004, the last time we made it out there, Macari really impressed the hell out of me. Everything we had there was beautifully made, from a zesty sauvignon bland and a creamy but blanced chardonnay to the wonderfully spicy cabernet franc. Their reserve merlot is just fabulous as well. We enjoyed their wines so much that when we went out for dinner in Greenport that night we ordered the cabernet franc and found it to be just as delicious with our meals.

The current vintage sounds as though it may be a bit thin compared to the '01 we enjoyed, but these guys know what they're doing. If you have a chance, try a Macari.

When we stopped at a wine store to pick up a few more wines on our way home in '04, the proprietor remarked that some of the North Fork wineries have their share of problems, but Macari, he smiled, has been just fabulous in recent years. I already had a couple of bottles of Macari merlot and cab franc for the road, but I was overcome and had to get a few more. I enjoyed them immensely over the next month, even though they got much warmer than they should have in the car. There is great wine a lot closer than you think.


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