Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One For The Road

After almost a two-year run, I find I just have to take a prolonged break, perhaps a permanent one, from blogging. If you've visited this blog over time then perhaps you'll recall I've whined about pursuing a master's degree at night while working full time. While exploring the world of fine wine is probably the most fun I can think of, I find that that the blogging component is proving to be just too much on top of the job and the books.

I've tried to juggle it all, but I find myself unable to blog sufficiently often to fulfill the expectations of most blog readers. So, until I finish school, which means a thesis in another year, I'm just going to have to put the blog aside.

I thought it was important to say so. I've read a number of blogs that suddenly stopped without warning or explanation. I hate that. I mean, one never knows whether to send the family congratulations or a sympathy card.

Will I return someday to Walk The Wine? I've been thinking I might occasionally return here to compile some tasting notes. But that would make this more of a tasting journal than a blog, and not much of a draw for anyone outside of a few friends. In two years time when I finish school, who knows? Perhaps blogging will have given way to a more novel form of online communication. If not, I may resume the blog. I'll certainly continue to Walk The Wine.

And, I plan to spend at least a little time now and then relaxing like the cool dude in the photo below. I always meant to blog about winery pets we've come across. Ah, all that wine and all that time in which to enjoy it.