Thursday, January 19, 2006

Grazin' in the Sun

California has its zinfandel festival. Massachusetts has the ever popular Boston Wine Expo. And, I'm delighted to say that we here in Connecticut can wring some darn good juice out of the month of January with the Sun Wine Fest.

It's just the third time the Sun is hosting this extravagent affair, and this weekend I'll be getting my first taste of it. Of course, you know I'll be reporting on it here. Don't expect the kind of detailed reviews you get over at Alder's Vinography blog about the zinfest (geez, I can't believe how thorough). But I'll do my best to bring you news of any great finds and some local color (in purple prose, of course).

For those of you not familiar with Connecticut culture, Sun is shorthand for Mohegan Sun, one of the country's most successful casinos -- named for a local Indian tribe. You might not expect a casino to be a seat of culture, but with Connecticut's major cities continuing to struggle more and more, events from concerts to large cultural festivals now belong to the state's two mega casinos. No matter. We don't need no stinking palace of fine arts.

I'm of two minds about these festivals. On the one hand, you find a lot of things you don't normally see -- an important goal of walking the wine. But, on the other hand, a warm, cozy environment it's not.

But the wokshops, not the great halls, are where I find the real value in these things. This year, we're signed up for a pinot noir seminar and a seminar on wines of Paso Robles. Having toured vineyards there is '99, I know I'll be enjoying myself. Stay tuned on exactly how.


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